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How to do a good job in precision parts processing

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(1) Reasonable selection of equipment

Rough machining of mechanical parts mainly cuts off most of the machining allowance and does not require high-precision machining of mechanical parts, so rough machining should be larger and high-precision machine tools. A relatively high precision machine should be used in the completion process. Rough machining and finish machining on different machines can give full play to the equipment capacity and prolong the service life of precision machine tools

(2) In order to ensure the machining accuracy of precision parts, the machining of coarse and fine mechanical parts are precision respectively.

Because when machining rough mechanical parts, the cutting amount is large, and the cutting force, clamping force, heat and machining surface of mechanical parts have obvious work hardening phenomenon. The workpiece has large internal stress. If the rough mechanical parts are continuous after processing, the part accuracy will be lost soon. Due to stress redistribution, for the machining of mechanical parts of some high-precision parts, aging treatment and low-temperature annealing process shall be arranged after rough machining and finishing to eliminate internal stress.

(3) The heat treatment process is often arranged in the machining process route of precision parts

The specific arrangements are as follows: heat treatment process, metals that improve their cutting performance, such as annealing, normalizing and tempering. In order to improve the performance of mechanical parts, such as carburizing, quenching and tempering, they are generally arranged in the processing of mechanical parts. If there is large deformation after heat treatment, the post processing process should also be arranged.

The above is about how to do a good job in precision parts processing. What else do you don't know about it? Welcome to consult our website, and we will have professionals to explain it to you.


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