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How to improve the quality of precision parts processing

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The staff must have rich machining experience and excellent technology. Machining must have excellent technology to do well. As we all know, machining is the same fine work. It is a great test of the production process. Even if it can be done well, it will take a long time. If it doesn't start well at the beginning, it is easy to waste all previous efforts.

Secondly, whether the processing process is standardized and excellent also determines whether the products are of high quality, which is also an indispensable reference point for us to formulate the company's rules and regulations. Production and management must need a perfect process, which serves to make perfect products.

Thirdly, we must pay attention to communication in the production process. No matter when there is a node time or a problem, we should strengthen communication. The communication between the processing plant and the equipment manufacturer is an important condition for processing automation equipment parts. The processing personnel usually process according to the drawings, but more often, many process departments can be simplified and improved, which can reduce the cost, It can also improve efficiency.

Requirements for precision parts processing:

(1) Generally, because the cutting amount, heating and cutting force of parts are different for the roughness and accuracy of parts, in order to ensure the machining accuracy of parts, rough parts and precision mechanical parts must be machined respectively. If rough machining and precision machining are carried out continuously, the precision of precision machined parts will be lost due to different stresses.

(2) Rationality of equipment selection. The machining of rough parts does not require high machining accuracy, but it is mainly to reduce machining allowance, so precision machining requires very high-precision machine tools. Heat treatment process is often arranged in the processing route of precision parts. The position arrangement of heat treatment process is as follows: in order to improve the cutting performance of metal, such as annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering, it is generally arranged before machining of mechanical parts.

(3) Generally speaking, almost all precision parts have heat treatment process, which can improve the cutting performance of metal. The machining and manufacturing of precision parts not only need the accuracy and stability of machine tools and the accuracy of tools and fixtures, but also need precision measuring instruments for calibration and measurement. Some are in the processing process, some are post detection.

The above is about how to improve the quality of precision parts processing. What else do you don't know? Welcome to our website. We will have professionals to explain it to you.


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