Our advantages

  • High quality

    Excellent quality
    Win with good reputation
    Customers first
    Great services
    We view every 3D file,2D drawing and relevant document of parts during assessing parts, and advise the best manufacturing process base on the parts and customers’ requirements.

  • Short lead time

    Dedicating to every project and return great parts to customers is our basic attitude to our work. To provide customers with ultra-high quality, ultra-low cost, and ultra-short lead time are our ultimate goal.

  • Good price

    We provide on-demand manufacturing services and are capable to meet customers’ demands for sample, small-batch, and large volume, together with surface treatments and heat treatment.

About Hengtai

Shenzhen Hengtai Electromechanical Co., Ltd is a manufacturer specialized in offering on-demand manufacturing for different kinds of parts,  non-standard parts, irregular shape parts, fixtures, gauge, for example. 

It was established in August 2007 and located in Huaide Cuigang Industrial Park of Shenzhen, with an area of more than 2,000 square meters, and more than 50 employees and 35 professional machining technicians.

It can meet customers' demands on sample, small-batch and large-volume production. Also, it can provide customers with various surface treatments and heat treatments, such as hard oxidation, electrolytic polishing, electroless nickel precipitation, chromium plating, vacuum heat treatment, gas nitriding, high frequency heat treatment, carbon immersion heat treatment, etc. 

Our devices include Japan MAZAK five-axis turning-milling compound processing machine, CNC milling machines, lathes, grinders, and Nikon three-dimensional measuring instruments made in the UK. Our customers cover automotive, medical, energy, shipbuilding, aerospace, and other fields. 

Our processing capacity has reached the international advanced level. And most of our stable customers are from Japan and the United States...



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