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Munna Michael Latest Movie Ding Dang Video Song

Munna Michael Movie Ding Dang Video Song

Michael is a dancer inspired by Michael Jackson. One day Michael is fired from his job and disappointedly leaves the studio. On his way home, he finds a newly born baby crying on the side of the road. Michael adopts him and names him Munna. Munna, just like Michael, grows up to be an extraordinary dancer and a diehard fan of Michael Jackson. Michael doesn’t want Munna to become a dancer and instead insists him to do a proper job. Munna instead visits dance clubs with his gang and challenges their dancers, thereby earning money in the process. Michael gets ill and is admitted to a hospital. When Munna goes to see him, he once again asks him to drop his idea of dancing. Meanwhile the dance clubs in Mumbai have blacklisted Munna and his gang- so Munna tries his luck at Delhi. In one such club Munna clashes with a guy called Jassi and beats his fellows. Jassi happens to be the brother of Mahender

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