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Keshava Telugu Official Trailer

Keshava Official Trailer

The movie begins with a family of 4 going in a car when they are suddenly hit by a police car. The woman dies on spot and the man is heavily injured. A police officer comes out of the car and has a look at them when the man asks for help but ignores and tells his other officers in the car to keep moving forward.KESHAV the boy in the car is also alive. He is shocked to see his family dead right in front of his eyes.Then he wakes up in a hospital and starts to search for his family members, where ge gets to know that his parents are dead but his sister is alive but has lost her legs. The movie now moves to the present where Keshav (Nikhil Siddharth) is in a forest road walking and asking for lift.Then a man on bike gives him lift after moving some distance he stops along roadside to attend the nature call and Keshav kills him on spot. Keshav now tells us about himself he is a law student who has his heart on his right side, and increase in his heart rate may result in his death. He thus can’t play sports or do anything that may get his heart rate up ,so he has to do everything calmly, even a murder. A fisherman happens to be on a boat catching fish near by the river area where Keshav killed the police officer, when he sees the murdered body hanged to a tree near the river.

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